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An adventure in looking after a puppy until it is old enough to be properly trained as a guide dog for the blind.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

STILL no ability to upload pictures!

Well sing Alleluia, Rocky slept through the night! The same, unfortunately, cannot be said for me. At 2:30 I was awakened by a noisy-engine-sounding thing. I couldn’t determine from the upstairs bedroom window where it was coming from, nor what it was. Peter slept through it. Then this morning, we heard it again and Peter said it sounded like the paint can shaking machine at the Home Depot. I thought it sounded like it was coming from our row of houses. I ran out the front (because we have a Rocky fence at the back) and around to the back and discovered it was the air conditioner belonging to one of our neighbours, rattling itself to death. I am sure I don’t know why anyone would have the HVAC system still set to AC, nor why it would have turned itself on as we are not having humid weather and the temperature is only 17C this morning (as at 6am anyway).

In the meantime, about Rocky’s pooping schedule (and you may be happy to learn that when it stabilizes, I shouldn’t be mentioning it any more), when I let him out first thing (before breakfast) at 6am, he has a nice big firm poop and a pee. I was so happy! Then I gave him breakfast - he does the happy meal dance before each meal now - and when I let him out not 10 minutes later, he had another big poop! Then... wait for it, when I thought it was safe to run around the back of the house to determine where that horrible noise was coming from, he had another poop just inside the patio door because he couldn’t get out. Three poops in less than an hour! I guess he’s making up for lost time. Anyway, I totally blame the neighbour for both my lack of sleep and for Rocky having an accident at the door.

The wind is gusting to over 40 km/h and supposed to get worse before it gets better with rain and maybe thunder and lightening. I decided not to take the fence down for lawn mowing because I am not sure they will come today due to the weather. But even if they do, I can hear them coming and I have time to take it down before they whiz by on their riding mowers. Sheila the PW supervisor is coming for her visit today and I think it would be nicer to have the fence up. Big excitement!


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