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An adventure in looking after a puppy until it is old enough to be properly trained as a guide dog for the blind.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

We rented a car for the weekend because we just HAD to get the garage cleaned out for the patio furniture. Since we had a car, this morning we both went for a spin class at the gym and that was fun. Of course, Rocky, had to languish in his crate at home as he is definitely not ready for the gym!

After lunch, while Peter started on the garage, I pulled out all the frostbitten plants in the back. (Interestingly for me, the herbs are still going strong except for the basil.) I took Rocky out with me and at first, he just hung around and watched. Then he decided to get into it himself and grabbed some plants and ran around with them. He got dirt everywhere and finally I had to put him back in the house. Sorry Rocky! Maybe in the Spring when you are much older, we can plant things together.

We went for a lovely afternoon walk. The leaves are coming down everywhere and today was sunny - the first time in weeks (or so it seems). I just checked and it is 10C out there! We didn’t make Rocky work either (except for “leave - the garbage” and “steady - don’t pull my arm off”) so I think he enjoyed himself. When we got home, there were TWO brand new frisbees propped up against the front door! Someone in the neighbourhood had been to PetsMart and bought Science Diet food and they thought we should have the frisbees. I want to say thank you to whoever it was (I am hoping they read the blog) BUT I am so sorry - Rocky isn’t allowed to play with frisbees! Or tennis balls or anything he might see on a walk once he is a guide dog. Oh it sounds terribly cruel but what he doesn’t know, he doesn’t miss.

On the other hand, our neighbour Margaret (who I know doesn’t read this blog because she doesn’t have a computer) gave Rocky a lovely old and no longer suitable for humans afghan throw, which we will use in his crate. I think she thought he MUST be uncomfortable because I had only given him an old towel to lie on. But as Sheila says, you should see the number of dogs who don’t have anything to lie on because they chew it and that’s a no-no too. Rocky has only chewed his towel a little bit and he mostly just makes it wet and not full of holes. I warned Margaret that she wouldn’t get her afghan back and she said that was just fine.

So thank you for the frisbees but since we can’t have them, I will look to give them back. If I don’t find out who our benefactor is, I will pass them on to other dog lovers in the area.


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