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An adventure in looking after a puppy until it is old enough to be properly trained as a guide dog for the blind.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

after barfing
We’re still experiencing “firsts” although this one may have been more for us than for Rocky. Last night was the first time he threw up. We were having dinner and he was sitting under the table (but not begging!) and we heard this old, familiar sound. Peter ducked his head under and said, “he just threw up!” Now Uma was a natural-born vomiter. She tossed her cookies (literally I guess) every week or so. But we’ve had Rocky now for 6 weeks and we even commented a couple of weeks ago how we noticed that he hadn’t barfed. So we were a bit more concerned than usual because this was a first. But he didn’t seem to be bothered by it. Later however, he barfed again and this time most of his dinner came up. We found this unusual because it had been 3 hours since he’d eaten and all that should have been digested by then. Perhaps this helps to explain why he doesn’t poop right after eating like most puppies do. He has a slow digestive system. Or something. I will note that last night, he slept right through the night!


At 12:45 p.m., October 19, 2005, Blogger 8675309 said...

The poor little guy! That picture says it all....


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