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An adventure in looking after a puppy until it is old enough to be properly trained as a guide dog for the blind.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Rockwell needs a little outdoor exercise time (he insists on chewing on the zipper tags on my fleece vest while I am at the computer). We’ll go over to the drug store and I’ll put his jacket on and we’ll get a little “training” in too. But he’ll have to wait for me to bundle up first! This is what it looks like from the Parliament Hill cam right now:

Although it isn’t that cold out (only minus 9C, 16F) there is a nasty wind which makes the windchill feel like minus 18C (0F). You can always tell when the wind is particularly brisk by how the flag is flying from the Peace Tower. Today it is not just “out” but “up” too. Brr.


At 4:01 p.m., December 07, 2005, Blogger M-Fax said...

ah good ol Ottawa. My girl friend and I went there for a weekend get away in February and it was very warm for Ottawa at that time of year. I had fun, I do want to go back to chilly chili's one day.

At 6:00 p.m., December 07, 2005, Blogger Natalie said...

Ohhh, fellow Canadian!:D Well i've only been to Ottawa twice, but i liked it both times....except that one day it was raining and so windy that everyone's umbrella's flipped inside out :P lol

hope you and Rocky had fun at the drugstore! :)


At 6:04 p.m., December 07, 2005, Blogger Natalie said...

sorry, me again lol

Just wanted to tell you i took your suggestion to post a bit more about me so you can see how the puppy turns my life upside down :P

Hope you like it :)

Nat (again)

p.s. hope you don't mind, i added you to my blog roll

At 9:30 a.m., December 08, 2005, Blogger JuliaR said...

MFax, when I read what you had written: “went there for a weekend get away in February”, I thought for sure the next line would be “and it felt like a year”! Ottawa is actually a very nice city in many respects but it is also stamped with being a government town, whatever that means. But the bike paths are great.

Hey Nat! I have 20 dog blogs I visit regularly. Not all of them are on my blog roll, maybe because some don’t post very often. I’m not sure why I don’t put them all there - I’ll have to re-examine this. I also have more than 20 other blogs that I check every day just to see what’s going on in the world. Some of them can be very profane and use a lot of “bad language”. I don’t mind it but I tend not to link to them for fear of leading gentle dog bloggers astray. :) I will add you to my blog roll too.


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