Puppy walking

An adventure in looking after a puppy until it is old enough to be properly trained as a guide dog for the blind.

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year Everyone!

I have not received an update for Rockwell but a few people still stop by this old blog, to see what might be happening. I thought I'd reward them with a photo of Rockwell that we took on his first day with us. He's still thinking about us and this place, from the looks of it.
his first day here
But in fact, he settled in well enough and was very accepting of us and our routines, especially given that he had already lived with one family for a few weeks and then was uprooted to come live with us. And given his "issues" with regularizing his poop schedule. Poor little guy.
it's a big world
It's a big world out there, Rockwell. And we're waiting to hear how you're doing.