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An adventure in looking after a puppy until it is old enough to be properly trained as a guide dog for the blind.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Nothing to blog about, really. Monday the city guys came over to replace the water meter in the basement. I put Rockwell in his (new and bigger!) crate before they got here and he was so quiet, listening to them talking and working. I went into the basement to keep an eye on things and after I’d been there for a while, we all heard this mournful nose whine coming from upstairs and laughed. They said, “we’re not afraid of dogs!” so I went up and let him out. He is blocked from going down the slippery basement stairs but when they came up after they were done, he was very happy to greet them. I will be glad when he understands that he is NOT to jump up on people.

Yesterday, I had to go over to the college for what I thought would be a short while, so I put him in the crate. I blame it all on Bill Gates and Windows but I was there for over three hours, wasting my life away. Peter came home from work before I got back, even. So I went to the gym to work off my frustration with computers and came home for dinner. Rockwell is so sweet when he greets me at the door. I don’t get that much, as Peter is usually the one who comes home and gets greeted. The ears go back and practically turn inside out and then he sits in “his” corner and makes those grunting noises.

Today we were supposed to ride the bus for the first time. Instead, we had freezing rain all night long and the place is a skating rink. Peter told me he even fell on the ice on the way over to the bus and warned me not to go out. I’ll have to venture out to put down some sand on the front step but it’s raining steadily and nasty out there.

A couple of old pix I haven’t posted before.
Bone chewing 101
Bone chewing 102
Bone chewing 103


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