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An adventure in looking after a puppy until it is old enough to be properly trained as a guide dog for the blind.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Happy Earth Day!
My parental units are in town and Rockwell is delighted. The more the merrier as far as he is concerned. Yesterday was sunny and warm so we sat on the patio. We’ve taken down the fence because it wasn’t sturdy anyway, plus the lawn was damaged over the winter where he peed all the time. So we have to keep him on a leash while we sit outside. Here Mum has him on the expandable leash but it looks like she was fishing and caught something.
fishing for dogs?
Dad had Rockwell on the line at one point, when Rockwell decided to take off after a bird and Dad almost got jerked over sideways onto the lawn. But he hung on.

This morning, Rockwell was so happy to have more people in his pack and he followed my mother around like.. a puppy! Here he is, wrapping himself around her ankles.
getting too close to Grandmom
Then he noticed me taking pictures and rolled over to display himself in all his glory.
lounging in the living room
While trying to have breakfast, he crawled under the table and lay on each of our feet in turn. Here he is getting up close and personal with Peter’s feet.
under the breakfast table II
Ah the bliss of more people in the pack!
under the breakfast table I


At 2:00 p.m., April 22, 2006, Blogger Natalie said...

Aww he looks so so happy! Especially in the last one, all curled up between Peter's feet and the table leg.

Nat and Petey

At 8:48 p.m., April 24, 2006, Blogger HanktheDog said...

He's such a camera hog (and I should know). Sure is fun to watch, though.

At 9:28 p.m., April 24, 2006, Blogger Katherine said...

aww, your guy is so cute. Sampson rolls around on his back in the grass with his mouth open. I swear he's grinning from ear to ear!


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