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An adventure in looking after a puppy until it is old enough to be properly trained as a guide dog for the blind.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

After several months hiatus, I find myself blogging about poop again. You may recall we had a difficult time regularizing his poop schedule. He never did poop like a puppy - directly after eating - but he ended up going three times a day - once in the morning first thing after being let out after breakfast, a second time in the morning on our long walk and once, right before bedtime.

When he got back from the overnighter at the kennels, we started switching him to adult food (it’s been a week and will be another week or more before we finish that). A couple of days after we started the switch, I noticed that he wouldn’t even poop first thing in the morning. Of course, by then my parents were here for the weekend, so I wondered if it was the upset schedule. This morning, he didn’t poop either. Of course, it was raining pretty hard and I wanted him to poop and get it done, so maybe that was why he didn’t go. You just can’t ask dogs!

Another thing I only noticed on Sunday was that he’d been chewed up by the other dog in the kennels. When Shona brought him home on Wednesday afternoon, she mentioned that when she picked him up at the kennels on Wednesday morning, he was all wet around the face from where the other dog had been playing with him. I noticed that some of his fur was stiff with spit (or so I thought) but it wasn’t until Sunday that I was really giving him a good go-over that I saw that the stiff fur was due to some scabbing. Or at least, it looks like scabbing. I didn’t want to pull at the fur too much, for then he would have bald patches on his face and how unattractive would that be? He also seems to be scratching somewhat more than usual.

Now I feel like a worried mother. But mostly, I just want him to poop twice a day like a regular dog.
whose foot is that?


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