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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

This morning, Rockwell is chasing his tail. Even at six months, he still seems to get a bang out of doing this. It’s hard to capture the excitement with still photos. Even when he catches his tail, he hangs onto it and walks around the house that way, bent over and facing the wrong way. So he walks in circles at the same time as moving in a direction. It’s pretty noisy with all four feet scrambling.
tail chasing - the pursuit
tail chasing - the catch

Another big entertainment is bone chewing. It’s loud enough with just the bone but sometimes the bone ends up on the wood floor as well as propped up on the bottom rungs of a chair and then it really gets loud.
that's a my bone!
putting the bite on it

Peter has posted some pix at his Flickr site, with cute captions. He is even less reverent than I am.


At 8:58 a.m., January 03, 2006, Blogger M-Fax said...

they still chase their tail well past 2 years!

such smart animals amused so easy.

At 9:06 a.m., January 03, 2006, Blogger JuliaR said...

Well maybe that is why we think of them as zen - they are easily amused. Come to think of it, I am fairly easily amused too. :)

At 4:34 p.m., January 03, 2006, Blogger 8675309 said...

We can relate! Lomax does the same thing, though he is now smart enough (when he is feeling lazy) to lean against the couch so he doesn't have to actually CHASE the tail in order to chew on it.

We humans spend a lot of time chasing our tails too, if only in a metaphorical sense....

At 7:36 p.m., January 03, 2006, Blogger Sam I Am said...

He loves to have his pictures taken He is a goodloking dog,Bone chewing its the best.

At 9:20 a.m., January 04, 2006, Blogger JuliaR said...

Jenny, I don’t think Rockwell has figured out the entire tail concept, but he is working on it. I agree, we humans do spend a lot of time with the metaphorical tail chasing. We need to learn from our dogs.

Sam I Am, Rockwell does like the camera! He even looks at himself in reflections in windows. My dog Uma never looked at herself, even in a mirror. Funny how that goes.


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