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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Contentment with Toys
Of course, Peter only spends significant time at the dining table in the morning on weekends so I didn’t really make a note of this until today. We’d had our breakfast and Peter was trying to read something at the dining table while Rockwell chewed on his bone with pure abandon. At one point (and of course, we missed the photo op), he was upside down with the bone in his mouth, both front paws on Peter’s leg and as happy as he could be. Just now, Peter saw him under the table with both Kongs and a bone, gnawing away and I remarked that he normally doesn’t behave this way. When it’s just me, Rockwell usually lies on the stair landing or comes over and chews on the zipper tab of my fleece vest as I sit at the computer. And then he barks at me and we go for a walk. This morning, Rockwell is the picture of contentment, chewing on his toys and that’s because the whole pack (small as it is) is together.


At 2:16 p.m., February 18, 2006, Blogger English Professor said...

Hi, Julia. Thanks for coming by my blog. I'd love to get the title of your dad's book. Please feel free to stop by any time and give us your perspective.


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